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As human beings we have a tendency to make the simpliest of things most difficult. To those that do not know Jesus as their personal Saviour, simplicity of salvation becomes a stumblingblock.  Do you need a vision, lightning to strike you, or a great thunderous voice to ring out through the heavens before you will believe God wants to save you? That is not the way God set forth the matter of salvation.  God gave his very best to YOU that would allow you to become one of his family. If you had the greatest possession imaginable on Earth, and it was your intention to give it away FREE, do you think you would have to beg someone to take it?  I don't think so!  Yet the Holy Spirit continues to speak to the lost and draw them to God.  Listen my friend if you are seeking to know more about God, who do you think moved you to take those first steps of seeking him.  Thats right! That is the drawing power of God through the Holy Spirit. Surrender to the seeking power of God today.  There may be a day when you will lose your concern, and that may be the day the Holy Spirit stops drawing.  He may not come to you again
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At some point in your Christian walk have you considered, what is ‘real worship’? Perhaps you think, ‘well, I have missed very few services at my local church’, ‘I have put my tithes in the offering plate when passed’, ‘I do read my bible and pray’.  While all of these are important, is this ‘real worship’?

Let’s now consider what Gods Word has to say about Real Worship.  This is a lesson I taught to the Disciples Sunday School class at my local church in North Carolina. Turn in your bibles to Romans chapter 12 and verse 1.

Rom 12:1  I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

The key words for this lesson are reasonable service.  We may have taken these words as a different meaning in the past, but when studying and praying about this verse it occurred to me that Paul, with the Holy Spirit is trying to tell us about how real worship is accomplished. Let’s look at the verse is depth to understand real worship.

I beseech you therefore   Why does Paul begin the thought of real worship by invoking or inviting us ‘therefore’ to real worship? The ‘therefore’ is referring back to chapter 11 verse 36 which explains that  ALL things are:

* of Him – God is the originator of all things (Rev 4.11)
* through Him – All things are dispensed by God  (James 1.17)
* To Him - For His purpose are all things. (Eph 1.11)

God gives all things that were created by Him and they are given to us to fulfill HIS purpose in our life. This thought leads us to the next part of the verse which explains that God is merciful to allow us to partake of his creation and that he would allow us to be a part of HIS plan.

By the mercies of God – If we look back at Romans chapters 1 through 11 we see examples of his mercy. Here are a few examples:
Chapter.Verse 1.16, 2.11, 3.24, 4.7, 5.8, 6.4,23, 7.24-25, 8.14, 9.23-24, 10.9,11.26

Present your bodies - offer your body; freely make available; I bring my tithes, I give my time at church, I contribute to the poor. What is the real message? Is it about what we do? Perhaps it is about what God can do with  a life presented to him for use.

Living Sacrifice - sacrifice is indicative of worship. Your life is your worship. The way you live, your lifestyle, is your act of worship. Old Testament worship always included a sacrifice. 
Perhaps this is best explained in the words of Isaac in Genesis chapter 22. “Dad, we go to worship, but where is the sacrifice? What a great question to ask of ourselves.  When we go to worship, do we consider, where is my sacrifice? How can I come to worship and not consider the sacrifice. This should speak loudly to each one of us.

Holy – God demands a holy sacrifice.  Eph 5.25-27; Col 1.22   2 Pet 3.10-14

The scripture in Ephesians refers to the washing by water. Of course when you read this,  understand that the bible is speaking of keeping the outward appearance or the outside of the vessel clean by reading and studying the Word of God.  A good way to think of this is a lesson from the Old Testament.  God required a spotless lamb without blemish to be sacrificed. There are two things to think about,
1. It was God’s responsibility to allow the birth of the spotless lamb without blemish.
2. God required man to have the lamb ‘set apart’ for the purpose of keeping it spotless.

Can you imagine while the lamb is ‘set apart’ if a spot of mud or dirt got on the lamb? There would have been a rush to get a rag and some water to quickly clean the lamb of the spot. 

In our situation, God has taken care of the ‘birth’ as we are born again by the Spirit of God.  God provides his Holy Word and the Holy Spirit living in us to take care of the outside. When we get spotted by the world, run to the Word of God.

Acceptable unto God
– well pleasing to the Father.  It surely is the heart of every Christian to be well pleasing to the God that has done so much for you and I.

We do owe him our REAL WORSHIP.  My prayer to God is that this article will help you with your worship of the one true Living God.
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