Sound Problems
Windows 95 or Higher

Internet Explorer

Windows Media Player
Version 7.1 or Higher
Software Needed
How do I listen to the Ministers Sermon?

To listen to the sermon you need to install the Windows Media™ Player on your computer. It's FREE and easy to install. If you do not have the current version of Windows Media Player, you may download it  from Microsoft . [Windows Media Player]
How do I install the current version of Windows Media™ Player software?

To download and install the Windows Media™ Player using Internet Explorer
* Click The Icon below to download Windows Media Player
For Windows 98 2000 XP
For Windows 95 and NT 4
When I click the radio it starts to download the entire file.
Even though I have  Windows Media™ Player software.

Right Click on Start button
In the next window select
In the drop down box select the
Options folder
In the next window select tab
File Types
Scroll down to
MP3 extension
Click once on MP3 (Bottom portion of the screen the MP3 extension should be associated with the Windows Media Player)
If not select the
Change button
In the next window select
Windows Media Player

You have downloaded the Media Player and you still can not hear the Minister. Why?

Bring up
Windows Media Player, On the toolbar choose Tools.
Now choose the tab
File types.
In the File types window be sure that the "
MP3 format sound" is checked.
Next choose the tab
In the Performance window under
Network buffering choose
"Buffer for
15 seconds" (For Broadband connections)
For Broadband connection it takes 10 seconds or less
"Buffer for
20 seconds" (For Dialup connections)
For Dialup connections it takes less than 30 seconds