Message: Rev .Per Einar Jensen the glory of Jesus Christ.
God is speaking to his prophets and servants.amos 3.7
God spoke to Moses, God spoke to Abraham and today The Holy Spirit speakes to his servants. Whenever God has a special purpose, he speaks through The Holy Spirit.
I have heard His voice several times. In the year of 1987 I was working as a guard in the company Securitas. I was at work and was performing my usual work in the city Larvik, Norway. I heard voices in despare, crying and screaming for help. There where several hundreds of them, in all ages. I thought I was loosing my mind, as the voices grew stronger and stronger. I started to cry, and didn’t understand what was going on. Then God spoke to me: “The voices you are hearing are people in dispare! I heard the cries from Israel when they were i Egypt’s land, and I sendt Moses to salvate them. My son, when you are humble and pray from the deep of your heart, I will use you as my tool. I will send you out to free the people, heal the sick, several shall get well from diseases and many will take me for salvation and get their hearts filled by The Holy Spirit! My son, you shall turn your face against north, start adverticing your duty as healer, many will be free in the name of Jesus Christ, and hundreds shall be healed!
Now, twenty years later, thousands have called me, and miracles have happened while I was speaking to them. People have rised from their wheelchairs, and many have throwed their crutches. Some with terminal cancer have got well, and many have taken Jesus Christ to their hearts.
I am a married man, and also my wife has the gift of healing. We are praying for the sick people by telephone. Quite recently there was a call from a person with terminal cancer, but after speaking to us, the hospital concluded that the cancer was gone.
This is not a letter to brag about our selves, but we want you to understand that we need you all to pray for us to help us in our work!
God bless those who read this letter!
Best regards
Preacher in the name of Jesus Christ
Rev. Per Einar Jensen. Miracles and healing ministery in Norway