True Gospel Baptist Church
Madison, NC
Sunday School 10:00am
Worship Service 11:00am
Sunday Evening Worship 7:00pm
Prayer Meeting 7:00pm
Prayer Rooms Open 10:45am
Pastor: Mike Manuel
Prayer Rooms Open 6:45pm
Prayer Rooms Open 6:45pm
                                                 Thank you for visiting our website.  I hope you will listen to our message and if God so
                                            leads  you will even visit our church.
                                                  Serving the Lord is the most important thing in my life, but in my early years serving
                                           alcohol  and the pleasure of sin ruled me.  It was not until I was 21 years old that God began
                                           to knock at my heart's door.  After seeing sin take the life of several of my friends,  God
                                           opened my eyes to the reality of death.  I began to visit True Gospel Baptist Church and one
                                           Sunday morning, May 21, 1972, after Bro Fletcher Manuel preached, the Lord saved my soul.
                                           I began to grow under Bro. Fletcher's preaching.  I was later ordained as a deacon and was a
                                           Sunday School teacher.  As I continued to serve God,  He began to deal with me about
                                           preaching.  In October 1978 I accepted the call to preach.  Just seven months later in May
                                           1979 God opened the door for me to become pastor of Meadows Baptist Church in Walnut
                                           Cove.  I saw our congregation grow and saw God bless in so many wonderful ways.  We had 18 years of ministry at Meadows, then I was approached by my former pastor, Bro. Fletcher, to begin praying about returning to True Gospel. Bro. Fletcher was led of the Lord to retire after pastoring for 30 years. After much praying the Lord began to open and close doors and indeed God did show me that I needed to be back at True Gospel Baptist Church. 
    We left Meadows and became pastor at True Gospel in May, 1997.  We are continuing to do Gods will as we are seeing the Lord do wonderful things at True Gospel.  We have a wonderful church with a friendly God-loving congregation.
    My desire is to continue to preach about the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and to see souls saved.
Come and visit! Not only will you be made to feel welcome but you'll hear the wonderful words of God's word preached.
In Our Saviour's Love,
Bro. Mike Manuel